Fibernet Group

Fibernet is a Spanish capital technological group founded in 1998, made up of Fibernet, headquarters of the group and the core of its main activity in fiber-optic transport and monitoring; and Fibernova, focused on the development of photonic technology.

Fibernet develops and manufactures fiber-optic transport and monitoring equipment products with self-owned technology. Nowadays, it has more than 20,000 optic channels installed and working, with references in more than 50% of IBEX35 companies, and a strong presence in financial entities and the Public Administration.

Thanks to its permanent effort in R&D, exceeding 30% of its turnover, Fibernet has developed a technology able to compete in the international arena, consolidating a leading position in DWDM technology and being able to transport up to 240 services (2.4 Tbps) through fiber optic.

Nowadays it has two consolidated business lines. On the one hand, optical transport, oriented to fiber network connectivity, as well as data center and disaster recovery services. And, on the other hand, the monitoring line, focused on security and fiber integrity.

Fibernet has a self-owned Data Center from which it offers optic connectivity solutions and global business continuity services with inviolability and security guarantees.

Fibernet also participates actively in the development and implementation of new technologies, such as photonics through Fibernova, a company owned by Fibernet, specialized in photonic and radiofrequency technology for the telecommunications industry.

Fibernet works in Europe and LATAM, with corporate address in Peru and Mexico to work in the Latin-American market.

Fibernet Group's offices