Data Center

A business guarantee of future involves having a good support. Fibernet, in its capacity as Data Center solution supplier, will solve it offering its services from its own Data Center, located at Fibernet’s headquarters.

  • Self-owned CPD of more than 500 m2 located in Tres Cantos (Madrid).
  • 24x7 support and customer service center.
  • Remote Access Point.
  • Advice, design, engineering, adaptation and maintenance of Data Centers.
  • Services oriented to Housing, Hosting, Monitoring, Communications, etc.
  • Infrastructures equivalent to TIER3.
  • 24x7 system monitoring service.
  • Action thresholds for alarms and notices.
  • Reports and configuration.
  • Real-time alerts.

Fibernet Company has been certified as: Data Center Design by DC PRO development.

certified Data Center Design

Dedicated space

  • Private room. Dedicated space in the DC adapted to the client’s needs.
  • Suite. Dedicated space in the DC adapted to the business needs, power supply, networks, and air. Exclusively dedicated.
  • Cage. A private safe space within a shared area.

Shared space

  • Racks. Dedicated space for the installation of racks in the DC.
  • Configurable areas.