Any technological company, just like all the living organisms we observe around us, is suffering a process of constant change to get adapted to its environment. In our case, the transformation factor is technological evolution, which involves a continuous innovation process, both for know-how acquisition and to apply it in products and services oriented to the clients’ needs.

Fibernet puts its creativity at the service of its market and has R&D teams able to support its strategies thanks to their technical capacity and their constant work in field such as photonics, electronics, SW and communications.

  • Photonics: generating light, combining light and processing light to use it in data transmission and sensing our environment.
  • Electronics: achieving more processing speed, more function density, less power usage, modularity and reutilization.
  • SW: equipment, management and availability control.
  • Communications: efficient, comprehensive, friendly and ergonomic remote control.

The professionals that form Fibernet’s R&D teams have a cross-disciplinary training in order to consider all technical aspects from different visions. Designers provide and receive in turn some of the knowledge generated in the implementation of the projects, creating a trace of talent and experience in the company. Permanent development (staff, skills, goals and ambitions) is the banner of the persons involved in this ambitious plan.

The excellence of the projects has been endorsed by the collaborations in their implementation with national and international bodies, regularly cooperating with the CDTI and the MINER, as well as collaborating closely with universities and technological centers.