Privacy policy / Law on Information Society and E-Commerce Services (“LSSICE”)

FIBERNET, S.L. intends to inform the users, clients and subscribers of its web page about the policy implemented with regard to the processing and protection of the personal data of those persons who voluntarily use the contact emails to contract or contact FIBERNET, S.L. regarding any of the services offered in the web that involve the communication of their personal details to FIBERNET, S.L

1. Identification of the person in charge of the file
FIBERNET, S.L., with Spanish Tax Company Code nº B-82148727, registered at the Commercial Registry of Madrid: Volume 13.555, Section 8 of the Companies’ Book, Folio 100, Sheet M-220425, entry 1, hereby informs its clients and/or users of its web page about the existence of a computerized personal data file called Clients, whose responsible is FIBERNET, S.L., with corporate address at Parque Tecnológico de Madrid, C/ Torres Quevedo, 7, CP 28760 Tres Cantos, Spain, where the personal details communicated by the user and/or client to FIBERNET, S.L., are stored and collected

2. Policy update
FIBERNET, S.L. shall modify, without previous notice, this privacy policy as long as it is necessary to adjust it to any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or administrative change, or in order to adjust such policy to the instructions ordered by the Agency for Data Protection or FIBERNET, S.L.’s lawful purpose Notwithstanding the foregoing, any modification of this policy shall be published and notified in FIBERNET, S.L.’s web page ad in the policy itself. In view of all the foregoing, FIBERNET, S.L. recommends users to read these policies regularly in order to be aware of any possible changes.

3. Purpose of the file
The communication of personal details by users to FIBERNET, S.L. through its web page shall only take place when they voluntarily get in touch with FIBERNET, S.L., through mail, as in these cases data processing is essential and implicit to the system. Therefore, the entity informs the client and/or subscriber of that the data processing has been made for the following purposes: implementing all the procedures related to the preparation of budgets, hiring and provision of services by FIBERNET, S.L., as well as for the delivery of the subscription chosen by the user to the company to which he belongs or, when appropriate, to any interested applicant. As well as to attend and answer the communications received and to maintain the commercial relations records.

4. Acknowledgment
FIBERNET, S.L. communicated that this privacy policy includes all the aspects related to personal data processing carried out by FIBERNET, S.L. as person in charge. Thus, we hereby inform that if users do not maintain trade relations with FIBERNET, S.L. and send an email or a communication to FIBERNET, S.L., indicating other personal details, such user shall be giving its free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the processing of his personal details by FIBERNET, S.L., for the purposes established above, as well as to deal with the communication or send documentation. For the same purpose, FIBERNET, S.L. informs that, should the client and/or subscriber send an email or communicate to FIBERNET, S.L. his personal details by virtue of his position in a company (in his capacity as director, manager, representative and/or any other title as the company’s contact person), it shall be understood that such communication involves the granting of his free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the processing of his personal details by FIBERNET, S.L., for the purposes established above, as well as to deal with the communication or send documentation.

5. Identification of addressees to whom FIBERNET, S.L. has planned to assign or give access to details of third parties.
FIBERNET, S.L. has only planned to assign or communicate data pursuant to the provisions of the article 11.2.c. of the Organic Law 15/99 on personal data protection (hereinafter LOPD) to fulfill its obligations with the Public Administrations as required according to the Legislation in force in each subject at any time and when appropriate, with other bodies such as Judges, the Attorney’s General Office, Courts, Court of Audits or Ombudsman.
In addition, FIBERNET, S.L. informs users that any other assignment of data required shall be communicated according to the Organic Law on Data protection (“LOPD”), informing in an express, accurate and unequivocal manner about the recipients of such information, the usage given to the information, the nature of the information assigned or, when appropriate, when the LOPD expressly establishes it, they shall previously request the user’s unequivocal, specific and informed consent. However, FIBERNET, S.L. informs users and clients that any processing of personal information, is subject to the legislation in force in Spain with regard to data protection, established by the LOPD and its complementary and implementing regulations. In that sense, FIBERNET, S.L. shall only be responsible and ensures the confidentiality of the personal information requested to the user through the web page, and it shall not be liable at all regarding the processing and later use of any personal information by third-party service suppliers of the information society that may gain access to such information when providing their services or in the exercise of their activity.

Third-party service suppliers shall be (among others) those individual or corporate persons who provide the following services: a) Transmission through a communication network of information provided by the recipients of the service. b) Services of access to such network. c) Services of storage or data hosting. d) Supply of content or information. Likewise, FIBERNET, S.L. shall not be responsible for any data processing carried out by the third parties who establish hyperlinks with FIBERNET, S.L. nor those responsible to which FIBERNET, S.L. refers its visitors through hyperlink .

6. Data Quality
FIBERNET, S.L. warns users that, except the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user may use the identity of another person and communicate his personal details, for which users shall always take into account that he may only include personal details corresponding to his own identity which are appropriate, suitable, current, accurate and true. For this purpose, the user shall be the only person in charge against any damage, direct and/or indirect, caused to third parties or to FIBERNET, S.L., for the use of personal details of another person, or his own personal details when they are wrong, false, inappropriate, inaccurate or unsuitable. Likewise, those users who use personal details of a third party shall respond before him of the obligation of information established in the article 5.4 of the LOPD if the interested party has not collected the personal details and/or of the consequences of not having been informed. .

7. Exercise of the rights of data access, opposition, rectification and cancelation.
FIBERNET, S.L. informs users of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition though a written application addressed to FIBERNET, S.L. to the following address: Parque Tecnológico de Madrid, C/ Torres Quevedo, nº 7, CP 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid.

8. Use of forms for he collection of personal details by FIBERNET, S.L.
FIBERNET, S.L. includes a legend in the data collection form indicating all the conditions of personal data processing according to the article 5 of the LOPD, such as the mandatory or optional nature of answering to any question posed, the consequences of obtaining data or the refusal to provide them, the purpose of the collection, the possible assignments and the consent to the processing of personal information.

9. Security measures taken with regard to the processing of personal details.
FIBERNET, S.L. informs users that, de pursuant to the provisions of the LOPD and the Regulation of Security Measures, they have taken the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the personal details and prevent the alteration, loss and any unauthorized processing or access, considering the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed. Likewise, FIBERNET, S.L. guarantees to the user the compliance with the duty of professional secret regarding users’ personal information and the duty to keep it.