Monitoring Solutions

Fibernet is a manufacturer of fiber-optic transmission equipment that has developed its activity together with large companies and public entities, providing them with solutions to connect their data operation and processing centers, with the highest quality, flexibility and security, using different protocols and with reliability in the permanent availability of the service.

These fiber-optic links provide a large amount of critical information that must be protected against third parties (bank data, medical records, sensitive information about future products, etc.). Even if at the beginning we may think that spying a main fiber optic is not an easy task, we must also assess the feasibility of such attacks according to the technical and financial means available for the attacker.

Fiber monitoring services (security and integrity)

  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Detection of tampering and intrusions in the fiber.
  • Automatic location of the failure point on the fiber.
  • Non-intrusive monitoring and transparent monitoring.

Fibernet has a range of smart cards, designed to insert them in the company’s DUSAC rack, in order to encode fiber-optic links carrying Ethernet (1 and 10 Gbps) and Fibre Channel (1GFC, 2GFC, 4GFC and 8GFC) protocols. These cards supply confidential data communication with additional protection, using some of the most powerful and modern standardized algorithms. Encryption is made through hardware, without consuming any existing computing resources, with complete transparent towards client’s traffic and with a negligible added latency.

Additionally, in order to locate other threats, Fibernet’s product portfolio offers two systems that provide the intrusion and tampering detection function, this is, OSW-3 (Optical Switch) and Fibersec. OSW-3 is an optical commuter that offers route protection against fiber-optic cuts and attenuation increase. Fibersec is a system dedicated to supervise and manage external plant fibers that intercommunicate data centers. Fibersec’s main function is to supervise in real time the state of the fibers in order to detect any kind of event that occurs on them, such as possible tampering, intrusions, cuts and attenuation increase.