Network Management

Fibernet’s transport and supervision devices are equipped with management applications that allow monitoring and setting them up in a convenient manner. Such applications cover different ways to access the equipment, through a local panel or remotely from a computer connected to the devices, and they offer all the necessary functions to get to know their state and modify their configuration. In general, the communication systems of any organization reach a certain level of complexity over time and offer users different types of services that require the participation of a higher number of devices and communication channels. Networks grow and become linked to other networks; we supervise fiber with specific equipment; channels are protected with alternative routes and redundant devices; it all in order to provide more and better services.

In these conditions, it is essential to equip the system with a tool able to make a global management of its networks, equipment and channels.

Fibernet has developed the Fibernet Management System solution, FMS, in order not only to facilitate the centralized maintenance (corrective, preventive and evolutionary) of the different elements of the system (devices, channels and networks), but also to provide functionality and intuitive mechanisms, based on an operational concept close to the service offered to the final user.